How we make the TMO Report for your area.


Gathering Data.

With your input, together we collaborate to get the raw data needed to create your TMO Reports.


Market Consultant

Next, we work with you and your staff, to create the perfect data distribution we need, to make your reports "Meaningful" to your area.


Report CreationClick for Sample Report

After working with you and your staff on the data distribution, we then download and edit the data to get the it in the right order for our Report Analyst to create the reports you need.


Parallel Operations

Now, it's time to do a test run, we will create 2 weeks of reports for you to "Review" and "Learn" from. You will be able to see the reports, review them, check the numbers, test the results and suggest changes before we go LIVE with your TMOReports.



MAKE THE REPORTS YOURS! We will add a WaterMark with your provided logo as you wish, set in the center of the TMOReport layout, to give you the Branding that helps promote your Market Center. If you are going to be THE LOCAL EXPERT, you have to look the part.


Going LIVE

We've done it... Reports created, Market Areas defined, Test Runs complete and Branding done.. It's time to go LIVE! Your TMO Reports will be delivered each week, based on your Subscription, so you can GET TO WORK and become, the LOCAL MARKET EXPERT.